AutoCAD and Solidworks what is the difference between them?


AutoCAD and Solidworks 

AutoCAD and Solidworks are two different software AutoCAD are 2D software and Solidworks is 3D software.

AutoCAD is CAD software and Solidworks is CAM software. 

Solidworks It is used for the design, simulation, and development of mechanical products. it's used for 2D drafting and 3D functionality as well.  

AutoCAD is 2D software its basically used for 2D design, Drafting, plant design, and Solidworks is 3D software that is used for 3D Modeling, simulation, sheet metal Etc.

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AutoCAD and Solidworks what is the difference between them?
AutoCAD and Solidworks what is the difference between them?

Let me tell you…Difference Between AutoCAD and Solidworks?


      AutoCAD is a non-parametric cad tool preliminary used for 2D drafting. But it also has limited 3D functionality as well.
      AutoCAD was first released in 1982. It was the first cad software running on personal computers. Before AutoCAD most cad programs were not popular and most of the work was done on a drawing board.
     It is related to software that can improve the designing process related to different fields. Often it is involved in making designs of infrastructure, technology, automobiles, and much more. With the help of AutoCAD, design anything or everything. It is prudent to seek AutoCAD assignment help from experts to get a more immeasurable understanding of the subject.

Autocad Features:

  • Non-Parametric
  • Import and Export of image and pdf formats.
  • Native Cad Format: DWG
  • Supports other Vector Formats such as DXF

Applications of AutoCAD:

      Autocad has applications across various industries. It also has industry-specific software such as 
AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Electrical.

Autocad application includes:

  • Preliminary used for 2D Drafting.
  • Limited 3D functionality.
  • Map 3D is for GIS analysis and planning.
  • Mechanical Architecture design.
  • Electrical and Plumbing systems design.
  • Graphs of all types
  • Nautical charts and Topographic maps
  • Architectural drawing of all types
  • Facility planning and Interior design
  • Organizational diagrams and Work-flow charts
  • Presentations and proposals
  • Drawings for chemical, electronics, civil, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering applications, and automotive Ship design
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        Solidworks is parametric CAD software. It is used for the design, simulation, and development of mechanical products.
        Solidworks is preliminary used for 3D drawing but also has limited 2D drawing functionality as well. According to user needs, they can also add various plugins in solid work.
         It is computer software that enables engineers, more especially, mechanical engineers for designing engineering products. You can also call it a Three dimensional CAD Design software, or in other words, it is a 3D Computer-Aided Design Software. Today, so many engineers have used or are still using Solidworks to, improve, build and design engineering inventions, gadgets, and products.
          Solidworks gives a three-dimensional practical environment for these mechanical engineers so that they can design cool stuff. Using three-dimensional CAD Design software like Solidworks makes life simple for engineers because it saves their time and money. CAD Full Form

    Solidworks uses:

           Solidworks is broadly used to create, plan, or perform any project in terms of infrastructure or construction. According to engineers, as a part of their work, it is most functional to users. Because it only works on MS windows. As it works only on MS Windows, it is comprehensive for the number of users to install it on their computers.
          Solidworks use is mostly performed in the industry of automotive design and real estate. Automotive designing involves designing and planning a part of the automotive along with planning or structuring the design of any vehicle. It also has the ability to take input from users and examine it to produce any wanted output with the help of AI.

    Solidworks Features:

    • 3D Parametric CAD Tool.
    • Limited 2D Functionality.
    • Part and Assembly Design in 3D.
    • Rendering Tool.
    • Surfacing.
    • In-Build Simulation.
    • Life-cycle Management.
    • CAM ( Computer-Aided Manufacturing ).
    • Inspection Module.
    • Tolerance Stackup analysis.

    Solidworks Applications:

          Solidworks has applications across a wide array of industries. It is preliminary used for 3D cad design. Solidworks serve mainly automotive, aerospace, machinery, electronics, and BIM industry. Solidworks applications include:                 
    • Creating 3D part and Assembly Design.
    • Engineering Drawings.
    • Design Evaluation using integrated simulation tools.
    • Animation and Realistic Rendering.
    • CAM ( Computer-Aided Manufacturing etc.)

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